Something Familiar, Mindful Nature

Walking through the autumnal leaves, some crackle and others shatter As innocent feet walk, run and jump across orange-brown ground. The mist rises up and up Creating curious clouds that create a nostalgic effect A bluish-purple haze. The lake is so near now, You can smell the damp rocks and feel the soaked earth underneath … Continue reading Something Familiar, Mindful Nature

Terms of Endearment

I created this blog post tonight, to write and reflect on my brother. My brother used to play video games, eat whatever he wanted, and goof off a lot of the time. I'm nine years older than him. Having friends over when I was a kid, he often tried to come in to be included … Continue reading Terms of Endearment


Out from the depths Of this cave Harbouring in the deep I step away From waters buried That lick and froth Off wet and mossy rocks My feet are muddied And hair unkempt Eyes adjust, squinting Without having seen The light out there For so long The breaths I take Come along quickly Then steady … Continue reading Exit

Dreamful Plume

Feathered wings unfurl, as childish dreams depart. I can only wish for them to take me too, With them into the kingdom of dreams Where we can sleep eternally With waterfalls pouring down from clouds, And stars that shine above and below In a lilac half-light. -Pensive Muse, N