Ethereal hope, an eternal dream

I don’t think this world was made for you. Actually… I don’t think you were made for this world. What cruel master decided that this be the world you wake up to,  And call your home? Though, despite it all, you never stopped believing and being true to who you are. I wish this world … Continue reading Ethereal hope, an eternal dream

Breaking Day

I opened my eyes into the comfortable warmth of early morning , as sunshine seeped through the tops and bottoms of duck-egg blue blinds. The windows shut closed from the night before now sit jaded in fresh dew, I become animated rolling over his sleeping body to open and let in a new breath of … Continue reading Breaking Day


Out from the depths Of this cave Harbouring in the deep I step away From waters buried That lick and froth Off wet and mossy rocks My feet are muddied And hair unkempt Eyes adjust, squinting Without having seen The light out there For so long The breaths I take Come along quickly Then steady … Continue reading Exit

Dreamful Plume

Feathered wings unfurl, as childish dreams depart. I can only wish for them to take me too, With them into the kingdom of dreams Where we can sleep eternally With waterfalls pouring down from clouds, And stars that shine above and below In a lilac half-light. -Pensive Muse, N